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Wintley Phipps’ call to gospel ministry dominates every aspect of his global itineraries. He is both the pulpit pastor of a local congregation in Florida and ambassador plenipotentiary from the court of heaven. Their invitations he recognizes as divine appointments for blessing, a talk show queen, a rock star, a house of prisoners, or a hall of prime ministers. Whether on the concert stage, at the Crystal Cathedral, on the 700 Club, or at a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Crusade, Phipps is there to minister the gospel. Whether as local pastor, record maker and breaker, as advocate for religious liberty, or interceding with God at the request of and on behalf of morally struggling world leaders, Phipps knows that his real assignment is salvation proclamation to whosoever will.

Perhaps the most compelling slogan that Phipps shares with his audiences from time to time is one that God downloaded to his heart early in his ministry: “You do not have to compromise to be recognized.” The words express more than abstract principle. They are his life’s story, his part of the deal he made with God 40 years ago on his knees at Kingsway College. They summarize his I-give-You-my-life prayer. God heard Phipps’ prayer, and answered once and continually. He kept His word to Wintley Phipps. And those endless notes of praise Phipps seems capable of sustaining out on the concert stage make it ever more apparent that he will never stop until the last ounce of his breath has been given for his God. His life and ministry reiterate the truth of Ellen White’s words: “There is no limit to the usefulness of the one who, putting self aside, makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart, and lives a life wholly consecrated to God.”


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